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The Detroit Metro international association of eating disorder professionals (iaedp) aims to provide educational opportunities to treating professionals designed to increase awareness of eating disorder treatment and to enhance the skill of treating professionals. Join us for continuing education, networking, and support for professionals of all disciplines, orientation, and levels of experience treating eating disorders throughout


Events for 2023

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Friday, April 14th Virtual

Amie Guice, MAEd, RD, LD, CEDRD

“Rumination disorder is one of the more commonly misunderstood feeding and eating disorder diagnoses. Clients commonly describe the behaviors associated with rumination disorder as “automatic,” “involuntary,” or “accidental,” which leads many clinicians to feeling unsure how to treat this specific diagnosis. Proper treatment of rumination disorder is vital, however, because rumination disorder produces significant physical consequences (like esophageal damage, severe dehydration, and dental issues) as well as psychological and social consequences (like shame, mealtime distress, and social isolation). In this lecture-style presentation, attendees will learn commonalities and differences between rumination disorder and other feeding and eating disorder diagnoses, common triggers for regurgitation, factors that maintain rumination disorder, strategies for treating rumination disorder, and important considerations when evaluating treatment progress. Attendees will also be provided with sample assessment questions for evaluating for rumination disorder, tools to use in session with clients, and re- sources for further learning about rumination disorder”

Participants will be able to:

  • Define regurgitation and rumination and distinguish between the two.
  • Identify factors that impact the maintenance of rumination disorder.
  • List physical, psychological, and social consequences of ruminating behaviors.
  • Explain treatment strategies effective in the treatment of rumination disorder.

Earn 2 CE hours

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May 12, 2023 Imbalances of Neuro-Endocrine Communication Within the Eating Disordered Population and Application for Interdisciplinary Clinical Practice

IN PERSON: Anna Flores, DCN, MSN of Sanford Behavioral Health

Location: Season 52, Troy, Michigan

When exploring the maladaptive biological changes in response to an eating disorder, a pattern of hormonal and neurotransmitter dysfunction emerge and can be connected to various signs and symptoms experienced by our patients. Clinical research shows that modulation of disrupted neuroendocrine factors through dietary, lifestyle, and behavioral interventions improve patient symptoms, ED behavior uses, and/or QOL. Consideration of hor-monal and neurotransmitter dysfunction, as well as evaluation of neuroendocrine imbalances in the eating disor-dered population, could translate to improved patient care and treatment outcomes in integrative clinical practice. 

Learning objectives:

1) Identify hormonal and neurotransmitter dysfunction and imbalances in ED population
2) Recognize signs and symptoms associated with hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalance
3) Translate understanding of neuro-endocrine dysregulation to clinical skills through application of indi-vidualized behavioral and lifestyle interventions in interdisciplinary clinical practice with ED population.

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September 22 VIRTUAL: Rebecca Brumm, Within Health

November 10 : Bernie Stoody, UM; 

and KHF (30 min)

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